Electric Scooter

   After hanging around the Invention Studio for over a year, where I was in near-constant contact with smart people and inspiring projects, I finally decided to build my own electric scooter.
    Thankfully, two other Studio regulars, Aaron Fan and Jamison Go, had built their own scooters (or three, in Jamo's case), so I had a couple of experienced minds to assist me. I also have to give huge props to Charles Guan, who has years of experience building cool EVs, for putting together this extremely helpful Instructable.
   The scooter is now working! I had it running in time for the 2013 Bay Area Maker Faire and it proved very helpful and always fun. Despite that, this a project I'll be attempting to work on semi-regularly. Enjoy some photos of the build in the slideshow below.

All CAD from this project is free and available on GitHub.

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